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Worship at Trinity - August 9

In-person worship inside will take place at Trinity Lutheran Church on Sunday August 9th at 8:30am. Please take a moment to review the guidelines for this service.

The door to Trinity will be open so that you can enter without touching the door handle. You will also notice that all the windows are open to create good ventilation during our time together. This is done to make our worship space as safe as possible.

As you come up the steps you will notice a automatic hand sanitizer dispenser to clean your hands. This is one way we show Love for our Neighbor. Just to the left of this dispenser is a table of masks. We do ask that everyone wear a mask for our time together. Please touch only the one you wish to use. This is another way we live out what it means to love the neighbor. Thank you to Marion Wilson for making them!

Welcome to worship! I realize you would like to visit in the back of the church but we ask that you be seated at this time. You will notice on the carpet blue strips of tape to help you practice social distancing. There is also a table in the back of the church with an offering plate for your gifts. Someone will be recording all who attend for contact tracing if needed.

You will notice that the pews have been arranged so that we can practice social distancing. Remember to keep your mask on during your time in the building. Pastor Jim & Deacon Karen will enter from the front of the church. Order of worship will appear on the TV screen. We will enjoy instrumental music of hymns along with humming instead of singing. Holy Communion will be celebrated on the last Sunday of August in the Parking Lot. The focus of our worship is the Living Word Jesus Christ who transforms our lives as the Holy Spirit opens our hearts.

Online worship is still an option for those who chose to stay at home (DVD's are available upon request). We want to be sure that ALL have the opportunity to hear the Good News about God's amazing unconditional love in Jesus Christ!

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