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Sunday - August 23rd Worship

Inside & in person worship will be at the following locations and times:

8:30am Worship at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hustler - No FM Radio

10:15am Worship at Grace Lutheran Church in Elroy - Live Stream

We will continue to follow the guidelines noted below for the safety of all who come.

*Pastor & Deacon will enter from a side door just as service begin. (Because Pastor & Deacon are in a high risk category do to age and health the less time inside an enclosed area is showing our concern for them)

*Door to church will be open.

*Masks will be on a table if you need. Pick up only the one you need. Masks are required.

*Hand Sanitizer Dispenser will be at the entrance/ top of the stairs. Please clean your hands as you enter and leave.

*Please remain at home if you are not feeling well.

*Please do not gather inside the entrance to visit. Enter and be seated.

*Households can sit together as we socially distance.

*There will be bulletins placed in the pew. Order of worship will also be on the screen

*Offering plate will be on a table as you depart.

*Sharing of the peace will be done by a greeting without touching each other. Those in the same household can hug or shake hands if they wish.

*The service will be about 40 to 45 min in length. (Risk level goes up the longer in an enclosed area)

*There will be no singing (Test show that the virus spread is greater when singing.) There will be music to prayerfully listen to & we may read the words of hymns. Once again we are making our time together as safe as possible.

*Communion will be celebrated once a month in person inside starting the last Sunday in September. As you enter the church please pick up the communion elements you will use in the pew. If you wish communion outside at your home please contact Deacon Karen through the Parish office.

*We do ask that you wear a mask to in person inside worship. This is one way we live out Christ’s call to love each other. Masks will be available.

*Fellowship time can take place outside after worship by following guidelines of social distancing and wearing a mask.

*Greeters will wear a mask and stand so they are 6 feet away. Simply welcome folks by saying good morning or holding a sign with a greeting.

*Record of who is at worship will need to be arranged so we can do contact tracing if some one does test positive for Covid-19

In person inside worship will begin on August 9 with specific guidelines noted above. (THIS COULD ALL CHANGE DEPENDING ON WHAT IS TAKING PLACE WITH COVID-19 IN OUR COUNTY.)

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