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Prayer List and Announcements for July 11

Fountain & Grace & Trinity call committees

Our next pastor

La Crosse Area Synod and its Bishop-elect Felix Malpica

Magnus Svennungen (son of missionary)

Ken and Marion Wilson

Cindy Wilson

Barb Burdick-Matha

Andy Helmann

Lola Frye

Holly and Harry Hinzpeter

Shirley Hyer

Joanne Segovia

Karen and Calvin Nelson

Kandy Hagen

Mariam Burdick

Kathy Haske

Suzanne Soltvedt

Lola St. Clair

John, Verna & Gary Thompson

Clarence Johnson

Carol Leopold

Alan Leopold

Pete Nelson

Sharon Halverson

Judy Forsythe

Donnie Benson

1. Thank you for your continued support of our parish ministry. You may continue to send your contributions to the parish office. Please consider giving electronically continuously or as a one-time event through the links available on the parish website. Please use the receptacle in the back of the church to leave your contribution if you brought it with you today.

2. As the pandemic wanes, you may continue to wear a mask if you wish and observe social distancing. As masks are no longer recommended for vaccinated persons, we no longer require them to be used.

3. BOLT: Totally 80’s Vacation Bible School will be happening August 2-5 at Grace from 6 PM-7:30PM. Make plans to attend now. The registration link is in the bulletin and newsletter.

4. (Grace only) The Grace congregation will again be taking requests to give flowers in memory or in honor of a person or event. See details in the bulletin. You may bring in your own flowers—just let the office know so we can contact the florist to cancel that day.

5. (Grace only) Please complete the “Areas of Service at Grace” form and return it to the office. We are updating our list of volunteers available to assist with worship, education, facility maintenance and other mission activities.

6. (Grace only) We have people looking a ride to worship service. Please let a Council member know if you can assist in this way.

7. (Grace only) Grace is looking for volunteers to count the collection after service on Sunday. If you can help with this vital ministry, let a Council member know.

8. (Grace only) COFFEE HOUR has resumed. Grace’s members may sign up to serve coffee and bring treats in the back of the church. There are many open Sundays.

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