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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Fountain Grace Trinity Lutheran Parish Office Telephone: (608) 462-5398

**UPDATED Monday March 16, 2020**

Greetings to you in the name of our ever-present Lord Jesus Christ,

We are called to love our neighbors and, in this case, loving others means staying home. This is a challenging time and we will face it together with strength and courage. We all have physical and spiritual needs, and we don't want to put anyone in the position of having to choose between protecting their physical health and nurturing their spiritual life. This crisis reminds us of how interconnected the human family is, and that is both a vulnerability and a blessing. We will find ways to mobilize care for those who become sick, provide virtual resources for faith formation and engagement, and at the same time we will do our best to distance ourselves socially to slow down the pandemic. This letter describes how the decisions we are making might help "flatten the curve" of the pandemic and make a difference.

The Fountain, Grace, Trinity Lutheran Parish Joint Council had a special meeting Friday March 13th at Trinity to address the unfolding COVID-19 Pandemic. The Parish council decided to take the following actions after much deliberation:

  • Temporarily Suspend Worship (Wednesdays & Sundays) at Fountain Grace Trinity Lutheran Parrish effective following worship on 03/15/20 until further notice.

  • Small Group Gatherings (WEBS, Quilters, and Bible Studies) are also temporarily suspended.

  • **Updated** Online Worship for our Parish will be available starting March 22, 2020 at printed resources will be available through the Parish office. For Non-Internet users please contact the parish office for DVD copies of our weekly worship services. Hymnals and Bibles can be provided.

  • **Updated** Christian education for WEBS and Adults can be found at WEBS whirl Sunday School video lesson will be posted weekly here:

  • **Updated** The senior meals will be available only by home delivery. If you wish to have a meal delivered please call Karen Nelson at (608) 462-5175 or her cellphone at (608) 547-4108 by 9:30 A.M.

  • The community food pantry will continue to provide services, mindful of recommendations from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

  • The community food pantry will continue to provide services, mindful of recommendations from Juneau County Health Department.

Since we are suspending worship together, in person, we ask that you send in a weekly financial gift to support the ongoing mission of our Parish. Electronic giving via VANCO is available at this link: To learn more about electronic giving, please contact the Parish office.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to either Pastor Jim or Deacon Karen with needs concerns, or ways the Parish can be helpful to you during this uncertain time.

In Christ,

Parish Church Council

Pastor Jim & Deacon Karen

Cell: (920) 660-1516

Parish Office

Phone: (608) 462-5398

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