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"Come Unto Me" - Day 9

“Come Unto Me” – Day 9

Welcome to “Come Unto Me” as we journey together through the gospel of Luke. Let us pray: Gracious God we thank you for the Living Word that gives witness to the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ. May your Holy Spirit open our souls to this Living Word. Amen

Sunday, July 19 / Luke Chapter 9

When Jesus came in human form to Earth he knew his time of ministry would be limited to a short time.

By the time he gets to the events in Chapter 9 of Luke, Jesus is preparing for his ministry to continue on Earth after he has ascended. He needs to assure the apostles that they will be provided for in their ministry, be sure they are firm in their belief of who he is, and tell them what the near future holds for him

Jesus sends the apostles out with power and authority to proclaim the kingdom of God, but with nothing else, nothing. “Take nothing for your journey, …” Jesus tells them in verse 3. Going out in this way the apostles needed to trust strongly that God would provide for their needs as they shared Jesus message and healed in his name. Have you had times in your life when you needed to strongly trust God to provide for your needs? Did that time strengthen your faith? Have you shared how the provision of God changed your life so that others might also be strengthened in faith?

It was important that Jesus be sure the apostles clearly understood who he was. It was especially necessary that Peter and the other apostles he was closed to knew his identity so they could carry on the mission of bringing about the kingdom of God well into the future. Peter when prompted declares Jesus, “The Messiah of God.”

Verses 28-36 tell the story of the Transfiguration. This story is important to understanding Jesus’ divine nature and plays into understanding his death, resurrection and ascension.

Twice in Chapter 9 Jesus tells his inner circle of disciples that he must suffer, die and rise. But the disciples fail to accept what Jesus is telling them. They are just not ready to understand. Are you in the process of gathering the understanding and insight to be ready for the “aha moments” Jesus may send your way?

Blessings on your journey of faith and exploration of the book of Luke.

Thank you to Kris Stauffacher for creating todays devotion. Contact Pastor Jim if you would like to share your thoughts on an upcoming chapter in Luke.

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